Aqara contact sensor + Alexa routines

Do you have the smartthings hub? (This forum is for people who are using the Samsung smartthings home automation platform, so the answers that you get are generally in the context of what that system can do.)

If you do have a smartthings hub, then it’s quite easy to get the results you want. :sunglasses:

What you do is create a virtual contact sensor to act as a proxy for the real contact sensor. You set up the Amazon routine to trigger off of the proxy sensor instead of the real sensor.

Then you apply whatever logic you want to the Real sensor over on the smartthings side and only when all of your conditions are met do you then activate the proxy sensor.

For example, suppose you want the front door opening to have an echo say “welcome home, John!” When it is in fact John arriving and when it is before 9 PM.

You would use information available to the smartthings system, including the arrival of a specific person and the time of day, And only turn on the proxy sensor when your rule conditions are met.

Similarly in your situation, it would be easy to have smartthings monitor The real sensor and then only activate the proxy when in fact two minutes had passed without the real sensor closing again.

But there isn’t any way to do this just with Amazon routines at the present time.

Here is the FAQ on using virtual sensors with echo:

As far as what rules to use on the SmartThings side, you have a couple of choices. Most people would probably use webcore.

If you haven’t had a chance to look at the complex logic FAQ yet, it might also be of help: