Aqara Celling light l1-350: Dual Aqara and SmartThings Integration

Hello, guys!

Do you know how I can pair the aqara celling light l1-350 with two hubs and platform at same time?
I just can integrate with aqara or smarthings, because to enter in pairing mode I need to reset the device, so I lost de integration that device is.

I tried to connect in two apps at same time, but this does not work.

Could you help me?

Unfortunately that is not possible at this time. :disappointed_relieved:

If you have a SmartThings/Aeotec hub and an Aqara hub that can act as a “Matter Bridge,” then there are many Aqara products, but not all, that can first be added to your Aqara hub and then use Matter to bridge to SmartThings. I use this configuration myself and it works quite well.

But the Ceiling Light L1-350 is no longer made by aqara and is not on the list of products available for this feature:

Instead, they have replaced it with the newer Ceiling Light T1M, which can be bridged in this way.

You can contact Aqara support and ask them if they intend to add the L1 – 350 to the Devices that can work with the matter bridge feature. But until they do, I’m afraid it will only work with one platform or the other, not both at the same time.


Thanks a lot, JD!

I have reached out with aqara support, I’m waiting the response from them!

I use this celling light in aqara app to integrate and made automations with aqara fp2, but I want to control this device in smartthings too.

I hope in the near future the aqara fp2 bring the matter intregation too.

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Anyone know if aqara ceiling light T1 China version (not matter enabled) can be recognise by smartthings after paired with a China version of aqara m3 hub?