APsystems YC600 Microinverter monitored by the Samsung hub

Hello All,

I have an Samsung smartthing hub at home and I’m planning to install solar panels for auto consume energy at home.

I found that the APSystem YC600 Microinverter has Zigbee communication for Energy Monitor and Analysis using the APSystem Energy Communication Unit but not sure if it works with the ST hub.

I tried to find something in the forum, but I haven’t found anything similar.

I would like to understand if someone is using this Microinverter and if managed monitor the microinverter using the Samsung hub .

Thank you very much


José Guerreiro

Unfortunately, it doesn’t use the same zigbee profile that smartthings uses. See the following (the topic title is a clickable link)

Thank you!

José Guerreiro

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Do you know wich profile APSystem use?

Hi Marcus,

I decided to put on hold this solution.

Thank you
José Guerreiro

APSystem answer me:
“Our Zigbee profile is proprietary. Designed for our system only and the specific specs are not public. QS1 zigbee is non-standard Zigbee profile.”

Thanks for sharing!