April 2015: Any Harmony Home Tips?

I know there have been a number of changes in the way the harmony integration works with smart things, and if it works smart things, and that it’s moved from a LAN connection to cloud to cloud.

And I know that @thegibertchan is working on improving integration.

As it happens, One of the unadvertised sales at my local Best Buy this week was the harmony home, the one without the touchscreen, for $99. This is the one that says “compatible with smart things” on the box even though we know there have been some issues with the integration.

Anyway, my housemate bought it, so now we get to set it up. As far as I can tell from looking at things I should set up the harmony home completely first, including activities, before trying to do any smartthings integration.

Any tips anyone has out there for first time set up with the current status of the integration?


Sure! I set up virtual switches that are tied to Hello Home Phrases. I then use these virtual switches in Harmony Start and End activities. For example, when I turn off my tv at night in my bedroom, go into sleep mode…I also programmed the remotes to turn on and off some of my lights in the room, for $99, great deal.