Approved Things and Apps

I am curious as when we will see more apps available and a more complete list of officially supported things.

I seen foscam and many other items have been made to work with smartthings by messing with the API but I would prefer not to learn that portion of it if I don’t need to.
I like the fact that the supported things that came in the kits or available on your site just work! But would like to see additional items being supported!

Items such as -
Foscam, weather station just to start a few…

Also a SmartApp Creator within app? IFTTT functions etc. - drag and drop devices or settings… Simple clean interface - not lines of code…

I second this question. I am a fellow developer and there are some very interested apps in “shared apps” but I would love to see a process where these apps and device types are rolled out to non-developer end users.