Apple Watch Edition: $10,000


just out of pure curiosity, who’s planning to get this? I appreciate wearables, but this one is going to be interesting.

2 people are going to buy thismodel: 1) Wealthy People and People Who Want to Feel Wealthy but actually aren’t.

I was disappointed that the middle line is going to be priced as high as $1100. I have a feeling a lot of people are going to be getting the Sport edition. The bands are interchangeable and there will be a ton of third party bands available to get the look and feel you desire for a much cheaper price.


$10,000 is the starting price for the small (38mm) version with a sport band. Add $2,000 for the larger (42mm) or add $5,000-$7,000 more if you actually want a leather band with your 5 figure watch…

So crazy!!

I’m excited for the Kairos watches, personally. I’m hoping for ST integration on that. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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The Apple bands are very expensive for anything but the basic sport band. The stainless link band is $450 itself. So yeah, 3rd party bands will be the way to go for most folks! A good watch band might cost that much, but I just can’t see an Apple watch replacing a “nice” timepiece. It might replace my cheap everyday watch.

I’m comfortable with my decision to get a Pebble Time. But then, the Apple watch was never targeted at me.

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BTW, there are two marketing reasons for this type of model:

  1. tons of press

  2. tons of press that makes the $1800 models not seem outrageously overpriced. :wink:

which, number 2, is a marketing tactic too. Haha!

I’m still looking for a wearable that can actually fit my wrists. The only thing ever remotely comfortable is the xs Fitbit flex. 5" (circumference) makes wearing wearables a bit miserable, especially with the ones with bigger faces than my wrist. I’d switch from android to apple in a heartbeat there’s a wearable that is actually comfy.

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BTW, The Verge has a good hands on review of the AppleWatch:

an awful lot of interesting ideas without a unifying theme

Well a price like that confirms my Casio G-shock isn’t going anywhere soon. I already had decided against getting one for two reasons:

  1. It isn’t water resistant.

  2. I don’t want to charge my watch every night. I want to be able to go camping for the weekend and still have a functioning watch by the end.

As a bonus reason I also hope gen 2 has a pressure sensor so it can tell me how many stairs I’ve climbed.


Breilings, Rolex, Cartier etc. will follow suit? :wink:

Forgot about outrageous corporate gifts to employees. Thanks for your 40 years of service now here’s a 10k apple watch… Oh wait, Rolex already has that market cornered.

My expensive analog watch I got as a gift from my mother didn’t even adjust for DST, what the heck…

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Rolex does that? Dang. Time to ask Ben to step it up!

I used to call shenanigans when Apple would release an overpriced gadget based on last years tech. I have learned over the last decade that people will pay for the idea rather than the actual thing. For example my son’s absolution obsession with 250.00 beats headphones that lasted for two years. Glad that’s over. There are enough musicians and entertainers to flog the 10-15k watch and that will translate into sales of the lower end models.

@jodyalbritton Think million dollars watches… It’s a fact! Google and you will be surprised who wears those! Personally know of a “guru” who had couple of those and fleet of Rolls Royces. Google “Osho” and its founder “guru Rajneesh”… Life…

Disclaimer: was never a member of that cult and he died when I was a little kid…

@smart I totally get expensive time pieces. Some watches are very complex handmade works of art that take months for a single person to assemble. In fact, there are still very expensive watches that were made over a hundred years ago on the market. Even the most expensive Apple watch is coming off an assembly line in China, and I can guarantee they won’t last a hundred years. Still, people will buy them.

I don’t understand what’s so special about the apple watch. Can someone enlighten me as to why a person would prefer that to something like the moto 360.

Is it because apple “invented” the concept of a watch battery lasting less than 24 hrs?

Don’t get me wrong… I think some of the wearables are interesting. However, I prefer my watch that’s solar powered, has a WWVB radio (atomic clock signal), unlimited timezones, washes dishes (or at least won’t break while I’m washing dishes), etc. Oh, and mine lets me know the time AND escape from e-mail at the same time!

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I agree hundred percent… And is it going to be 99$ for fruitcare for 10K watch?

Don’t underestimate the power of mass-media saturation marketing.

“What did you dream? It’s alright, we’ll tell you what to dream”. (Pink Floyd “Welcome to the Machine”)

I have the Moto 360 and while I wear it everyday I don’t believe it was “worth” the 250.00 I paid for it. For me, smart watches are nice toys but they still have not proven to be true devices of utility. Especially if I have to keep my smart phone in my pocket for it to work. Samsung has a watch that does not require a phone, but it could never be mistaken for a nice piece of jewelry. The thing the Apple watch has going for it is that it will work with all your other Apple stuff. If you have a heavy investment in that ecosystem, it will be the best smart watch for you.