Apple Touch ID Authentication in iOS 8

(Matthew Bial) #1

Now that Apple Touch ID Authentication is available to developers in iOS 8 (see here), I imagine a use case where we could use our phone’s fingerprint sensor to authenticate a user before executing certain actions, such as unlocking a door or deactivating an alarm system. Another idea would be to limit certain functions so children cannot execute activities, but a parent can. Does anyone have other scenarios that would benefit from this type of user verification?

(Luke Rodriguez) #2

This would be great. My son is about to get my old iPhone 5, and id like him to be able to control lights and things. However, I would like to avoid giving him access to disable the alarm, door sensors, or locks. I was thinking about this the other day. Touch ID auth would be awesome…but my wife has an Android device… so i could see that becoming an issue.