Apple iTunes Remote Device Type Handler or Smart App?

My hope is someone can help me figure out how to integrate the Apple MusicKit integration via JS to control a local library and/or Apple Music account.

I am currently using an android app called Retune that allows me to connect to my “server” computer running iTunes. I can control my music playback remotely to that device and other Airplay devices via the app. Unfortunately the developer for that app has not made any changes or updated in several years, yet the app works still.

I am not a developer, yet I can see the great usage case for this functionality. I know there was a project by @obycode going on that allowed for a Mac to be controlled via Smartthings, however for those of use that don’t own Mac’s his solution didn’t work.

Here is my idea:

  1. Use the same framework in the Retune app to create a SmartApp that creates a Device Type to control basic controls of the Apple Music playback.
  2. Use the created Device to integrate into the #actiontiles platform (as this is what I use personally for my system), much like the Sonos type setup.
  3. Must make this a multi-platform use-case. Not limiting this to be run from a Mac only environment.

I am open to discussing this more and helping in anyway I can.

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Assuming you have an iOS 12 device, I would approach this completely differently, and use Siri shortcuts with webcore. :sunglasses:

@GRClark Was doing something with shortcuts and smartthings… but there are a lot of options.

You might also ask in the webcore forum:

@obycode @tgauchat

I am using Kindle Fire 8 tablets for my use of Actiontiles, so the apple shortcuts won’t work with that, but I am using the Retune app.

I would l just like to take all the functionality, or some of it, and input that directly via Smartthings as a device that can be added to Actiontiles to be controlled universally.

Basically I am wanting to get something working that resembles the Sonos type of integration, which pulls all the Apple Music library from a local computer. This was what ObyCode was doing for Mac users. I know there has been a lot of development in the are of the MusicKit and apple’s api around it from what I can tell. I just don’t know where to start with rapping a Javascript build of the apple inegration into a Groovy Smartapp or Device Type.

What type of music player are you actually playing the music on? That is what you are going to need to control. Not the source of the music. It doesn’t matter where the player finds the music, if you can control the player, you can choose what is played. My question is, if you are using a Kindle Fire 8, why not just use an Android app that can do the same thing? You have all this machine in your hand, why complicate things by involving ActionTiles?

Thank you for your input Ryan. I understand your points, and the multi app process has been working for myself. However, the issue or room for improvement would be to integrate all the functionality of the “Apple Remote” type app into ST directly, the current setup is not exactly user friendly since it requires app switching, which confuses my wife and other non-techy family members.

My use case is that I have a setup using the Monoprice multizone amp ( that I have my line-ins configured to. I have my configuration setup where I have 6 zones and 6 inputs. Here’s a video on how its controlled:

Input/line-ins are configured as such:

  1. iTunes
  2. Amazon Echo
  3. TV - Living Room
  4. TV - Game Room
  5. Input/BT - Kitchen
  6. Input/BT - Backyard

Zones are configured:

  1. Living Room
  2. Dining/Kitchen
  3. Game Room
  4. Office
  5. Backyard
  6. Garage

Zone Control: I am able to change each zone to play an input either in sync with other zones, or independently. I have 6 wall mounted controllers setup in each of the respective zones to control the input and volume.

Input Control: Each input is controlled respectively, however this what I would like to streamline.

  • TV Inputs and Line-in/BT are pretty straight forward, whatever audio is going through those would be sent to the zone.

  • Echo and iTunes inputs are slightly different.

    • Echo: I am controlling the echo dots to play an assortment of Amazon echo services (music, books, etc.) via echo commands from Echo Dots through out the home. These dots are meshed into a group and there is one directly hooked via Aux-L/R connection to the Monoprice Amp. Controlling Amazon music playback and playlist/search would be awesome integration too.
    • iTunes: I am using an old low profile pc in my network rack to run my Home Sharing iTunes. This device’s audio out is plugged into the Monoprice Amp. I control the selected music currently via the Retune (Android) app or my iPhone using the iTunes Remote app. I am not complaining about this setup at all, just wishing it could be streamlined to be a native app in ST, along with Amazon Music control.

I know these are all hopes and dreams, but I know that there is integration capability out there via the API for MusicKit. I am just hoping to spark someone’s creative juices and help make this dream come a reality. I am a hardware guy, not really too great with all the in-depth coding that may be needed.


@keatonhoskins, I have a nearly identical setup.

Have been hoping that what you propose would be ventured by somebody with skills and time. Or that this project would be updated:

So fortunately the changes that Amazon has made to the echo devices to allow playing Apple Music has bee a huge win for me. I have now been able to pretty much ditch the remote Apple Music server control for just using voice control to play from my Apple Music library.

For now this works for me.

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