App won't start!

I downloaded the new Samsung Connect app for Android. It asks for Contacts permissions, but I’m not willing to grant it access to those. According to Chelsea from Samsung Support, it should still run. But it won’t even start up.

The SmartThings app did not require Contacts.

How do I used this without granting Contacts permissions, or has Samsung just stolen my SmartThings hub from me by adding a new requirement I’m unwilling to meet?

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The Android version did require Contacts last year and if you didn’t have Contacts enabled, it would make you login to the app every time.

Regardless of that, I would recommend that you dont install the new app, especially with all the active topics as to why you shouldn’t and it’s not ready and that if you make changes you will break things in your current setup. No reason to bother with the new app unless you purchased the Samsung Connect Home router and needed to configure it.

I never gave SmartThings permissions to Contacts. I may have skipped those versions. It doesn’t require any permissions currently.

I think at some point they made modifications. I know I personally worked with 4 or 5 people out here that had to login to the app Everytime they opened it and if they didn’t have Location, Contacts and Storage enabled, they had to login everytime. I still have the 3 defaults set.

The only reason I can see the new app needing contacts is that it may allow you to add different notifications for anyone in your contacts. That’s what I’m thinking.

Whats funny is the entire list of permissions that are listed when you press install. LMFAO it’s like every permission! :rofl:

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Old Smartthings/Smartthings classic allows anybody with any email account to join and allow control
Smartthings/conect/Voldermort has the ability to invite others to control devices but only if they have a Samsung account or can scan a QR code
Thats as it stands but the whole app is in development so maybe in the future invitations could be sent to anyone from your devices contact list, maybe thats why they need what appear to be over the top permissions