App - Wasted screen estate

On the iPhone app what’s with all the wasted space on the main dashboard page? Half of my page at the top just says HOUSE.

It’s pointless and irrelevant to have all that wasted space.


Its part of their design style for samsung one ui , its to help with bigger screens and not being able to reach the top using your phone one handed .

Probably not very useful if your not using a big phone

Raised this before, seemed to fall on deaf ears and got no response. Complete waste of space, should have the current home state displayed there at least.

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It also isn’t very useful if you hold your phone near the top, something I do because that is where the menus are.

That said, if you linger after opening the app you can click the page up to close the gap and it remembers you’ve done that. Which I suppose makes it doubly odd.

Using a big phone makes it worse. Literally 50% of the page is pointless and you need to scroll down to see the stuff at the bottom of the page.


Same on Samsung phone. Looks like it’s a messaging/status area. But way too big.

And no messages or notifications are ever displayed there!