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I just order the ADT Smartthings starter kit as a replacement home security my IRIS system is ending. For those of us who do not turn our phones on much, I realize that setup needs to be done via the app, but is there a website that allows some functionality on a website? I prefer to do things on my desktop PC rather than an app on my phone. I couldn’t find the answer via a search.

Short answer: nope. The primary UI is the mobile app.

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Longer answer: it depends on exactly what you want to do. :sunglasses:

  1. There is a Web interface to your cloud account, which is called the IDE, and which you can get to by clicking the link in the upper right to “developer tools” on the first page of this forum.

It lets you see a list of your devices but you can’t turn them on and off or anything from there. You can run some utilities and check settings and a few things like that. You can also add new code if you are a coder.

  1. if you use webcore, which is a community – created rules engine, it has a web interface and so you can create all of your automations there.
  1. if you want to have on/off control or see the status of your devices, there is a very popular third-party dashboard called actiontiles which will run in pretty much any web browser. Many people in the community use that for wall-mounted tablets, for example. But you can also use it on a laptop or almost anything with a browser.

The license fee is about $30 per hub (not per device) and the dashboard is customizable so you can show just a selection of your devices, or add tiles to initiate automations or other options. There’s a free trial if you want to try it.

IMG_1242 image image

It’s important to note, however, that none of those options give you access to the ADT – specific aspects of the ADT hub model. That is, you can’t arm or disarm the system, or dismiss notifications, through those web interfaces. For those features you have to either use the app, The Alexa interface, the ADT fob, or the ADT panel itself.


Thanks for the direction on the IDE. Obviously I can’t get in yet but do go to the page. It also mentions that it has some sort of integration with ZigBee, Z-Wave, etc. I wonder if my IRIS devices using those protocols would function using this IDE.

BTW, my coding dates back to mainframe COBOL programming days, so I doubt I’d be considered a coder today, although I did look at much more recent code a few years ago.

Yes, IRIS called there similar interface “Rules” and “Scenes” to automate it’s devices. I also use IFTTT(It This, Than That) for my Phillips Hue lights.

So it sounds like Actiontiles is the solution if want a second keypad by your back door of your home perhaps.

Looking through various documentation I came across Alexa instructions:

where you can arm/disarm the security, provided you provide your correct code. Is this not true or does it not work yet?

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Wow, never knew they came out with a skill for arming and disarming the ADT hub. SmartThings may have the worst PR people on planet earth…


The IDE’s references to zigbee and zwave are referring to your SmartThings hub. The hub is essentially a box of radios that physically lives in your house. The IDE is a web interface to your cloud account. Your cloud account sends commands to the hub at your house via the Internet and the hub sends the radio transmissions to your physical devices. So without a hub, the IDE can’t do anything with your zigbee or zwave devices. It does have a not very good simulator for virtual devices, but it’s not really recommended. And it won’t cause anything to actually happen in the real world, it’s just checking code.

As far as the Alexa skill, yeah, my reaction is the same as @Automated_House ‘s: Samsung is not great at distributing this kind of information. :disappointed_relieved:

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What’s the difference than between the IDE and the Marketplace found on the hub’s panel? I’m guessing Marketplace is not cloud based but directly controlled locally by the hub, is that correct?

No, they’re really two completely different kinds of things, but they both mostly relate to the cloud platform.

The IDE is just an interface to your cloud account, but it’s not direct access to the cloud platform or code runs. It’s just to the information stored that’s specific to your account. Like going to and then looking at the account information that you have there. It doesn’t let you get access to Amazon Web services, for example.

The marketplace that you can get to from the app is a set of smart apps which you can”publish” to your account. Almost all of these will run in the cloud. (At the present time the only exception is the official smart lighting feature and some bits of the official smart home manager feature.) So when you pick a smartapp from the marketplace, you are saying that you would like to run that in the cloud with the parameters associated with your account. It doesn’t run on the hub. (At the present time, no custom code runs on the hub.)

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I have bluestacks loaded on a pc and run the app on that, Works very well.


Also, smartthings is in the middle of a major transition: new hub, new app, new cloud.

The old cloud ran custom code that was written in groovy, as well as almost all of the official functions. More on that in the following FAQ,

The new cloud will not allow individual developers to upload code. Instead the developer has to host it themselves somewhere else and access smartthings via an API. No more groovy. For information on that, see the developers page:

The ADT panel does have some functions that it runs locally which are different from the home automation options, but we as customers don’t have any access to those. They’re just to support the built-in security monitoring features.

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You are replying to a post which is two years old. This will cause very old threads to bubble up to the top of the forum again, and can be pretty confusing for everyone. I don’t think there’s a need to go in and tag every existing old thread with information about new features, particularly since smartthings introduces new features all the time. :thinking: in general, it’s probably best to limit comments to threads which Have had activity in the last 12 months or so, that way people won’t get confused reading through all the old and very out of date stuff.

As far as the web portal, This is brand new and still in development. It was introduced for general release in late 2020, so did not exist when some of the earlier threads were created.

There are a couple of discussion threads about this new web portal. Here’s one: