App upgrade - devices vanished

So I upgraded to the new version of the iOS app a couple of weeks ago and lost all of my apps. When I attempt to search for devices, the icon just spins and nothing comes up. When I try to reach for a specific device, the same thing occurs. Any ideas on what I’m missing? Thank you!

First of all, contact support, as upgrading the app should not make your devices disappear. Secondly, what devices do you have? If they are zigbee, you should be able to find them when you search for them, if they dropped off your network, and if you don’t, you will need to follow the manufacturer instructions on how to reset them. If z-wave, then you will need to do a general exclusion and again, you need to follow the manufacturer directions on how to exclude and include each device back to your network. Sorry for your bad experience, that must be extremely annoying.

The last time this happened was caused by location. You didn’t create a new location in your app did you?

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