App to control smart vents to set a temp in room

Right now im using ScheduleRoomTempControl but when I set the temp for the room in the virtual app the temp changes on its own. I have been trying it for a year now and I still have problems. I can make it stay at a set temp but if I use the V-zone and turn up the temp it changes back right away.

So can someone name another app so I can change the temp in the room by using my smart vents and temp sensors? I want a v-zone on my phone so I can make quick changes for the rooms temp. I dont care to have a schedule of any type.


I have a similar ask. I’m using the ScheduleRoomTemp app as well, and have set Static temps for my zones.

Problem: When I change my thermostat setting, the Zone also changes. I.e. Zone set to 73 --> I increase the thermostat setting (physically at the thermostat) from 72 to 73 --> My Zone is now set to 74, even though I have the “Static setting” of the zone to 73. My virtual zone in the smartthings app also shows that the Zone’s temp was increased. Vice versa for cooling.

All I want is for the zone to stay the same temp setting, regardless of what the thermostat is doing. I don’t want the Zone’s temp settings to change unless I myself change them through the virtual zone in smartthings.

If that can’t work then unfortunately I’m with you on finding another app

I still haven’t found a basic app and I’m getting sick of swapping out the batteries. I’m trying out the flair vents right now. So far it’s working and the server has not crashed. I have had 2 keen vents die on me so far. Wish someone would make a reliable program for SmartThings.