App suggestions to scenes and lists

The app is fantastic, but these ideas would make it epic!

  1. Under Rooms, force touch to turn all On or Off
  2. Under Scenes, make the icons smaller and/or list view with a option to run
  3. Under Things, filter on On or Off devices
  4. IOS widgets, allow scenes to be added
  5. Under Scenes, allow the ability to sort the items

SmartThings doesn’t monitor this forum for suggestions. The official way to send feedback is:

  1. Email
  2. Leave an app review in the Google Play or Apple app store

I acknowledge I have to email Samsung direct on product recommendations, but I just want to poll the group and see if any one has figured out how to organize scenes?

I have created quite a few and they are sorted by “Scene ID”, which is only viewable on the IDE interface.

My recommendations would options to assign scenes to rooms, so I can see my “Master Bedroom” Scenes while in the “Master Bedroom” Room. I would also like the ability to sort the scenes by name or by type (icon).