App says security issue

I have a v2 hub and recently noticed that if I add a device, I get a warning in the app that says “hub does not support the highest level of security”. This is in the new app on Android.

So is my hub not secure? What is the best way to test/check it for security pertaining to this?

Your hub is secure, but I suspect you were trying to add a zwave device that supports S2? I don’t use the new app much, so I can’t really comment if this is a new message/notification; but I can say that the Classic app doesn’t have a message like that.

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Yeah, don’t recall seeing it in Classics app. I was trying to add an older multi sensor.

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I suspect this might be a reference to the ZigBee “Allow Unsecure Rejoin” feature. For more details you might want to read this post from SmartThings

If so, this may just be the new App correctly warning you that “unsecure rejoin” has not been disabled, something I don’t think the Classic app warns about. In the IDE you can check and set that setting:


Note that if you “Disable Unsecure Rejoin” you may have problems with your old sensor.

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