App restarts when loading live video feed from Ring cameras

My app has been consistently crashes and restarts each time it I try to view live Ring camera feeds. This has been happening for a few weeks now and I decided to wait to see if updates on both the app and smartthings hub will fix the problem. I am running the Android app version

I currently have 5 Ring cameras and a Ring Doorbell.
For some reason, the newer Ring Cameras and the doorbell have not been imported into Smartthings.
So out of the 6 devices, I could only see 4. Recently, one of the 4 devices has started showing a black screen without any images or live video.

To sum it up, 4 devices show in the app. When I try to view the live feed, the app restarts. After a few attempts it may show the live feed from 3 cameras with the 4th camera feed remaining blank.

Anybody else experiencing this and any ideas to fix please?

Same here, it’s a black window. When I click the play button it just spins.