App: Hue Mood Lighting - not triggering when Mode is X

I believe this app used to work as expected—when mode is Away and changes to Home, turn on lights, etc. However, as of a few weeks ago the app stopped triggering. I currently have the “only when mode is” and “set for specific mode” set to “Away”. Then, app turns on lights when mode changes to Home.

Now, the lights no longer turn on. If I clear the “only when mode is” and “set for specific mode” settings, the lights DO turn one. Has anyone figured out how to fix this so that it can (again) conditionally run based on current mode?

I’ve also been seeing issues with Smartthings Labs devices. My Jawbone button press used to trigger a mode change, but that doesn’t seem to be working. My apps to turn on the Hue bulbs work OK, but turning off when I leave the house seems to be hit-or-miss.