App, Hub, or Cloud?

So for the last couple of days I have been having weird issues with one of my apps, it takes the average of my temp sensors and adjusts the thermostat to keep the average house temperature around a certain value, it changes the setpoints based on mode, but doesn’t make the adjustments to keep the house averaged out. Now this morning when I left for work, it showed the tag leaving, but did not change the mode to away, I had to manually change it when I noticed the problem later in the day. Is this a problem with the apps on the cloud, or possibly with my hub not reporting something correctly? I’m going to bounce my hub when I get home, but I am curious to see what others think, or if they have seen anything similar.

Well, what the heck. Everything is now working correctly, even without the hub reset. Odd, but I’ll take it. Still curious if anyone has any thoughts on what caused the issues.

I think occasionally the SmartThings cloud is a bit glitchy. I assume they’re working on that. I’ve noticed strange things like this happening on and off.

I’m hoping for a status page.

A status page would be awesome.


The IDE also really varies in response speed for the “Save” and initiate simulator options.

I don’t think it matters EXCEPT when he ST server goes down or you lose your connection to the net. Epic fail when I tried to use the hub to pair a lock without being connected to the net. (Needed to bring the hub to the lock, etc… Had to go back upstairs and rummage around for a Netgear Ethernet to wifi adaptor.

“Caching” or storage of some “wiring” at the SmartHub will kill two birds, as they say… improve response for basic functions (if the reality is that latency / response hiccups will be inevitably common, though hope not); and cover for dropped internet for a while.

As for the third bird: bringing hub closer to devices that need pairing to the mesh – Somehow I don’t think that SmartThings envisioned that scenario. Seriously.