App for turning off fan after turned on with Logitech Pop button?

I would like to turn off an ST outlet after a set period of time. I want to be able to turn on a bathroom extractor fan with a Logitech Pop button (activates ST power outlet) and then have it then itself off automatically after a set time. Is there a smartapp that might be able to do this?

Have you looked at Smart Lighting?
Failing that CoRE will definately (maybe :wink: ) help you.

If you want it to always turn itself off after that amount of time, then you just use the power allowance feature in smart lighting.

If you want it sometimes on a timer and sometimes not, then you can set up a virtual switch to be the timer.

For the purposes of smart lighting, the outlet will also count as a “light.”

Have the Pop button turn on the virtual switch, and you’re good. :sunglasses: