App for shutting off thermostat when door locks between certain time?

Hello, can anybody point me to a smart app that will automatically shut off my thermostats when my door is locked in the morning as I leave for work. I’ve found smart apps that will turn off all my lights, but none could be associated with thermostats.

Thanks in advance!

What thermostat do you have?

I believe it is the Honeywell YTH8320ZW1007/U Z-Wave Enabled Programmable Thermostat.

Why would you want to turn it off instead of setting it to “eco” temperatures that would ensure your system doesn’t run when you are away? Something like 65 when heating and 80 when cooling? Doing so can be accomplished with a basic routine.

hi Bob, would you mind sharing some info on that routine? My main thing is I need to use the lock to activate the change instead of other sensors.

Are you using the Classic app or the new app?

If classic, then go to routines, set the temp as you like, then hit “Automatically perform…” and select your lock from “Door locks or unlocks” section. Not familiar with the new app, so cannot help you there, maybe others could chime in.

hey Bob, thanks for the guide. It almost meet all my needs, unfortunately, it doesn’t have an option for detecting the option only during a specific time frame.

Let’s say I leave the house in the morning and I lock the door, the thermostat would set to the temp that is out of range. When I get home, unlock the door, it’ll set the temp to my comfort level. But when I lock the door to go to sleep, I don’t want the trigger to set the temp out of range again.

Well, you didn’t specify all of your needs in the opening. For more complex needs, @jkp has your answer… Use webCoRE :wink: …or restrict by mode, that is a powerful feature too…(automatically lock the door only if in, say “Morning” mode). You can put the home in “Morning” mode at sunrise, for example and “Night” mode at sunset.

If you have access to RBoy Apps check out this app.

When your door locks in the morning or when you leave you can have the routine change the mode to “away” or any other mode.
Then this app will kick in and change your thermostat settings.

Just use modes, home , away, night to set the temp you wish

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thanks for all the suggestions. I will check out the webcore. Mark, I can’t find a way to trigger the mode change between a specific time frame.

Routines can do it. Same principle as above. Set mode to… then automatically run at certain time.

guys, thanks for the suggestion. WebCoRE is just what I needed. Even though I’m not savvy with coding, it was simple enough to get it going.

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