App down again (February 11, 2017)

done…ticket 318364

Yes to contacts… But why would that matter? Everything was working last night and now it’s broken this morning. Unless someone pushed yet another Friday evening update…

"The beloved red network error is back. Can’t load routines or smartapps, just spins and spins. Clicking any device reports a red ‘failed to load device’ message."

agreee it worked at 2:30 AM EST and did not work when the dog got me up at 5:30AM so what changed in that 3 hour window?

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There was a regression with a deploy that went out on Friday morning. It effected how contact book is loaded from the database. They have a long timeout in the cache because they hardly ever change, as the records ttl’d out of the cache more people started to see the error when hydrating the cache again by reading the record from the database first.

A fix has been rolled out.


Can you guys please please PLEASE stop making changes on Fridays. Especially when you don’t even bother to staff / check for outages after the fact. I’m honestly so frustrated with these Friday / weekend deployments that continue to break MY house. There is a reason no other SaaS / cloud company deploys past Thursdays. Why does ST elect to keep going against best practices that have been well established and adopted in the industry for a reason?!


Couldn’t agree more

And why not update the status page if there’s an issue that affects multiple users and ST staff are obviously aware of it?

This is the exact reason we need a viable option for local execution and no cloud dependency. Really getting fed up.

There are many reasons. Unfortunately ST has never indicated this platform will be anything but primarily cloud based.

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Different architectures have different pluses and minuses. There are a number of competing systems that run mostly locally, and their customers almost all complain that they don’t have cloud integrations with Alexa and IFTTT and weather services and MyQ and notification services. So in part it’s a matter of deciding what’s most important to you.

That’s not to let anyone off the hook for unreliability. I use Siri and Alexa and Netflix and Vue every day, which are all cloud-based services, and I’m happy with the level of reliability.

So I think there are two separate issues here. The first is whether you really want/need a primarily local system, and the second is the MFOP ( maintenance free operating period) that your household requires.

All of which is to say I’d rather see the focus put on reliability and customer friendly scheduling than just on local operations. Because it’s entirely possible to build an unreliable local system as well. Just sayin’… :wink: