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App down again (February 11, 2017)

(Matt) #1

I can’t log into the app so I can’t turn off my alarm or the lights etc after I set the alarm.

ST down this AM?
iOS App Network Error
(Ron Talley) #2

I know is pass the point but I have multiple ways to access ST. I use smarttiles and send the preview link to myself via email. This way, you will have access to everything as long as you can access the internet.

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Apple or Android?

What do you mean by can’t? Won’t accept your password? The app just sits and spins after using your password?

What error messages are you getting when trying to log on?

Do you mean not really logging on but just starting the phone app and it does open on your phone?

Are you connected to your wifi, and was your wifi having problems?

Sorry for all the questions, but your statement didn’t provide much to go on.

(Greg) #4

Something is going on.

iOS - can’t open app - says something went wrong and offers me to login or retry

Android - I can open the app but can’t open any smart apps. “Sorry but there was an unexpected error”

My automations seem fine.

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I wonder if it’s a region or shard issue. All is well on my end so far (central NC).

(Greg) #6

South Central PA

putting in a ticket

( I hate Mondays) #7

Same for me, I was working on webCoRE and puff, can’t do anything. I can’t open any SmartApp endpoint, I wasn’t able to open any SmartApp from the iOS app, then I restarted the app and now I can’t even connect. My alarm did not arm when the last of us left home either. I guess it’s back to last of us turns off the light… :smiley:

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(Robin) #8

All good on EU shard :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

( I hate Mondays) #9

Rub it in :slight_smile: I was trying to work here :smiley: Now I’m reading news… LOL It’s true, total disaster…

(Robin) #10

What the news?

Has Trump banned ST from doing business with the rest of the world yet lol

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( I hate Mondays) #11

No ideas please. No risky ideas. Looks like I am not the only one not being able to access the ST app, so that makes me happy, naturally :smiley:

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(Steve White) #12

For once things are working fine but I’m on the NA-02 shard.

(Ricci Hoffer) #13

NA01 shard with android working in Western NY.


Do put in support tickets since it hasn’t hit the official status page yet. :disappointed_relieved:

I have added it to the first bug reports page in the community-created wiki, but that’s just for community use, support doesn’t read it.

( I hate Mondays) #15

I’m on na-01 and physically located in SoFlo. Not working, but being patient. Turned off the fan so it can’t be hit by anything, right? :smiley:

(Jay) #16

Na-01 here as well in Niagara Falls Canada. Automations are hit or miss. Routines tab will not load. Smartapps tab loads but selecting any apps yields “sry but there was an unexpected error”. Choosing a device yields “failed to load device”. Also mode is blank in the hamburger menu and cannot b changed via the ide either.

(Patrick Musselman) #17

Same here can’t open app. Submitting ticket

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(Matt) #18

So basic pistons work but the app does not and either do routines for me.

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Yeah, exactly my situation :rage: … and the status line (offline/online) is missing from the hamburger menu, too.

The Minimotes work, though :neutral_face:

… time to make breakfast I guess, while this blows over …

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(Matt) #20

Mine were too the only problem is I have one of them set to run a routine to change it from night today but doesn’t work Fortunately I was able to turn off the alarm because I have a piston tied to win the front door is unlocked with code

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