App crashes and other problems

Hi everyone,

so the migration happened and I still have three problems:

a) Even though I have the new smartthings app instealled within google Echo, ST doesnt let me chose Alexa as a voice assistant
b) The App crashes when I try to select a location. Without location, I cannot install webcore.
c) My Harmony integration seems to be gone.

Any ideas on how to solve these?

Try uninstalling the app and perform a fresh install. Any malware/adware blocking or pi-hole on your home network?

Look in menu > SmartApps. You can’t install it from the new app. That ability was removed earlier in the spring.

Some users have lost the ability to add Alexa in the new app. Report this issue with ST support. If you had it installed previously, try looking in menu > settings > linked services to see if the existing install appears there.

Hi @jkp

thanks for responding.

I did a fresh reinstall and disabled my pihole, but to no avail. The app still crashes.
Harmony nowhere to be found, and I will open a ticket for the missing Alexa integration…

Disabling will not resolve it. Turn it back on and whitelist

Not sure if that will resolve your issue. It may! Generally pi-holes affect loading of Smartapps in the new app but possible it affects location. Try the whitelist and test.

I tried the whitelist, but to no avail.

Are you saying that pihole also affects SmartApps?

It did for some users. I haven’t seen any recent reports of it causing issues.

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Hm I really dont know what else to try. Setting location always results in the app crashing. And support doesnt respond through the app :frowning:

One possible work-around that you can try but this option is only available for the next 8 days. Install the Classic app, login as New to SmartThings and set your geolocation there and save. Then it should be available in the new app.

That seemed to have worked. Thanks!

Hi, sry for using your thread. New user here. I had the same problem with location adding as you and was able to fix that with the classic app/micration. But now I still cant add linked places. It doesnt’s crash or give any error messages, it just doesnt save it. Any ideas?