App broken

None of the on/off tags are working correct in the APp. The devices are working. They stay stuck in turning on or turning off. If go out of the room page and back in they show correct state. I have had this before and usually removing and reinstall the app fixed it, but not this time.

Which app/version/OS?

Noticed the same thing this morning after updating the Samsung Classic app for Android. Not sure if it was doing it before upgrading. This has happened before and has always eventually fixed itself.

Hello, I am seeing this in the classic and new app on iOS.

This is not something I have experienced before.

Since it was still happening tonight, I loaded up the previous version of the classic app and it’s doing it too. I’m going to assume since it’s doing it on 2 versions of classic and the new app then it has to be server side and ST will probably get it fixed in the next day or so. That’s what’s happened in the past.

Same here, latest and and last version which previously worked both doing it. Is it broken for everyone or only certain shards?

That I don’t know. I’m on Shard 1. I’ve seen this happen quite a few times over the last 4 years. It’s rather annoying but as you have found, things still work. I’m certain it will be fixed. It’s the weekend so it will probably take a little longer.

Reviving this thread as broken again. Same symptoms.