Apollo 7200ETL / Apollo 318N Receiver Z-wave setup

I have been searching the internet far and wide and wasn’t able to come up with anything that really helped me integrate my sliding gate into my z-wave network. The closest I was able to come was to use the Fortrezz MIMOLite and it is working rather well at the moment. So for anyone else looking for this type of solution I hope this will help you out.

  1. Remove jumper on P5 to allow for Momentary Press
  2. Connect P0 on MIMOLite to Connector 2 on Apollo 318N Receiver
  3. Connect PWR on MIMOLite to Connector 1 on Apollo 318N Receiver
  4. Connect NO1 on MIMOLite to Connector 3 on Apollo 318N Receiver
  5. Connect COM1 on MIMOLite to Connector 4 on Apollo 318N Receiver

Optionally you can connect a magnetic sensor to the two center (- & +) and the device will give your system status of the gate being open/closed.

I have a diagram, but it won’t let me upload it :smile:

Hope someone else finds this useful.


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