API sign in glitches?

Is anyone else having glitches where you might be in the main API , or a Dashboard, and then you come back to your computer to find yourself back at the log in screen (after 2-5 minutes)? Or you click on a device and it takes you to the log in screen instead, and keeps cycling this way until you shut down your browser and load it all over again? Is there an issue with being in multiple windows? One as the main API, and 1 dashboard?


Don’t open the dashboard and ide in the same browser.


Or if using Chrome, open the dashboard in incognito mode.


Just checking… You are referring to a SmartTiles Dashboard?

If so; the above responses are good advice. SmartTiles V5 sessions can conflict with API login sessions.

I have also had problem without SmartTiles being open. But I did have the main API and some view stuff for Core so I could cut and paste the display of what was not working.

I will try the different browsers or Incognito mode.


CoRE dashboard will behave the same way.