API or other method for getting the time/date/location of the nearest lightning strike?

I want to write a piston that takes action based on the nearest lightning strike. For example, the WeatherBug app has a section called Spark that shows a map with a visual indication of lighting in the area. We check this map constantly when we’re outside in our swim spa, and I’d like to create a red/yellow/green smart light that gives the info at a glance, since the combination of water and phones are a bad idea, leading to us failing to check for lightning each time.

For reference, I’d be willing to pay a reasonable, consumer-level fee to get API access.

Look at this


You can poll this api and get lighting strike data within a certain radius.


Thanks, it appears at first glance that Aeris will have the lightning data. Unfortunately the cheapest subscription appears to be $80/month, which, to me, is not consumer-level pricing.


Are you still looking for a solution for lightning data?