API banning rules?

Everytime I make a syntax mistake in my attemt to access the ST REST-API using CURL (or any other tool), I immediately get banned. This is very frustratin, but I do understand that Samsung has implemented rules to protect their API from malicious attacks.
Where can I find documentation about these banning rules? What are the criterias for triggering banning? How long do I have to wait for it to reset? Can it be reset manually? If I retry, will the timer start all over again if I haven’t waited long enough?

Just today, I’ve been banned 4 times already. I waited over an hour each time just to make sure it was long enough, and sure - it was reset and I could work again. But as soon as I made a new mistake in my CURL syntax, I was again immediately banned.
If I knew the rules, I could perhaps adapt better…

I have to say that I have never encountered anything even remote resembling being ‘banned’ and I throw an awful lot of rubbish at the API, both deliberately and accidentally.

There are rate limits in place for some things (described here but possibly not accurately), but you generally have to go some to hit them. I think the only place I’ve hit them is with schedules and that required correct syntax to start with.

Could you give an example of what being ‘banned’ looks like in response to e.g. a Curl request.