Anyway to get Nest to show on actiontiles after groovy dies?

Ah I see. Ok so I’ll still be able to use it within ST within routines etc? Having said that, I think I’m still using nest through this smartapp.

Yeah routines still work currently but I think it’s connected through a smart app, above.

The custom smart app NST Manager will cease to function when groovy support ends. You would need to switch to the official Nest integration with ST.

Note: Nest Protects are not available in the integration.

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Routines will still work with the official Nest integration, which you’ll need to switch to since NST manager will stop functioning.


Does that include Nest Protect?

Nest does not expose the Nest Protects through the official integration with ST. In the ST app,you can go to Menu > Supported Devices to see what devices are supported.

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