Anyway to get Nest to show on actiontiles after groovy dies?

This is one of the things that may tip me over the edge ( no pun intended) to move away from ST to Hubitat.
I use Nest a lot on my actiontiles visually monitor my little girls room to control the temperature so I can see at a glance whether I need to adjust the temp and having the ability to do this straight from any tablet in my house through actiontiles had been great.

Not only that, having the ability to have a routine where , if nursery motion sensor goes below 18, switch nest thermostat to 20 was an absolute god send.

Currently I don’t see anyone working on an edge driver for Nest :frowning:
So this will be the end of it then?

Nest devices (camera, doorbell, thermostat) can use a cloud to cloud integration with SmartThings if your Nest account has been converted to Google. Is that an option for you? Are you using the DTH based integration currently?

I am almost certain that the official Google Nest integration does not expose their devices to 3rd party systems from ST. The devices are also not listed in IDE (at least for Thermostats).

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As @csstup points out, since Nest devices use a cloud to cloud integration, they won’t use (or need) edge drivers for that.

That said, there will almost certainly be an official edge driver that covers the Nest thermostat once Matter support arrives, it’s one of the demo devices. It will, however, require also adding a Thread Border Router device of some kind. Many of the voice assistants will have one built-in, so you may already have one.

Probably even more important is how ActionTiles will handle the postgroovy platform. Here’s their discussion thread:

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Odd. All my cloud-to-cloud devices (thermostats included) are listed as devices in the IDE. Never seen a device in the UI that wasn’t also a device in the IDE. I must be sheltered!

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Nest? …………

Both my thermostats are Honeywell TCC.

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I have a Honeywell thermostat too. I wish they would bring back the resumeprogram function.

It’s an option in IFTTT, and I used to be in smart things as well.

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That is correct. Nest devices are not visible to any APIs and there are no known workarounds.

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For Honeywell thermostats you may be able to access the Resume function through SharpTools. In SharpTools pick setthermostatmode and Resume is an option in the drop down menu.

I have a T5 WiFi, but I have not had a chance to test it, so I don’t know if it works.


Why do they have this within the app if it isn’t going to be supported?

If you are Asking about the tile for the nest brand, that will currently use the cloud to cloud integration. Cloud to cloud integrations do not use edge drivers, they come in through the cloud-based API. It’s a different part of the new architecture.

OMG. How long has that been there? I had to write a complicated scheme in SharpTools that set the temp depending upon time and who was home because it looked like resumeProgram was gone forever. I had no idea it was hidden in that menu. Thanks!

Edit - And if it’s in SharpTools, that must mean I could get to it using the SmartThings API and Tasker, although not sure yet how to figure out every command available in the SmartThings API.

Add’l Edit – Well, I’ve tried both resume and schedule in SharpTools, but neither removes the temporary hold I placed on the Thermostat (I have something like a RTH9580WF, although exact model might be different; it is Wi-Fi for sure). How did you get this to work? Thanks.

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As I said I never tried it. I just found it earlier today and have not had time to try it. Hopefully I will have time to try it tomorrow.

OK. I misunderstood. I thought you had tried it. Obviously, I glossed over your second paragraph. ;-).

Anyway, I tried multiple options under SetThermostatMode and not one of them seems to work. Oh well. Thought I finally found the fix to resumeProgram.

I tried it tonight and it didn’t work.

I’m confused. Is Nest supported or not? Particularly after this migration?

I wonder why all the options are even there?

Nest will continue to be supported and is using the new architecture of the ST platform. The only difference with Nest is they do not allow their devices to be exposed outside of ST. That means they can not be used with ActionTiles or SharpTools, etc.


As others said, Nest is the only SmartThings integration (that I know of) that does not get exposed to third party SmartThings apps/integrations. So you can’t add them to Action Tiles, Sharptools, Constantgraph, etc.

Have you tried a Routine in the SmartThings mobile app for this? It can handle this.

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