Anything improve for the iOS app?

I’m still fighting issues with the iOS app. Checking in to see if anyone has found the secret to getting it to work well. Spinning circles, network errors, “Downloading…”, “Checking status…”, lag time to get correct status, lag time until devices control, and so on. Thanks.

Sometimes when IOS apps have problems it helps to delete them and reinstall. Have you first tried shutting the phone down?

Same here. Could it be that andriod Samsung phones get priority testing and fixes over iOS ?! :exploding_head:

It used to be the case that the Android app lagged behind the iOS app in functionality. There has certainly been a turnaround.

the app stopped working on an iPad today. so far, nothing has worked to resolve it.

all my screens are empty…

after a minute or so, the sign in pops up… if i tap on it, I return to the blank screen and repeat the process

Mine hasn’t changed.

Are you using any edge Drivers? I’m just trying to think of what I’m not using. :thinking:

it is only on one device… still fine on others which makes it odd. will probably wipe it clean tomorrow and start fresh

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