Anyone using PushBullet notice a delay

(Scott Windmiller) #1

Anyone here using PushBullet for notifications notice a delay in receiving alerts?
Everything was working perfectly but now all of the sudden some of the alerts are delayed. The weird part is if I open the PB app the timestamp on the alerts is correct but the popup did not come at that time.

(Brooke) #2

Occasionally I see a delay…maybe once every two weeks. Thought it was my pushbullet app.

(Marc) #3

I am noticing this also lately. The iOS app got updated June 30th and I have feeling that is the culprit and it’s not an issue on the st side…

(Scott Windmiller) #4

Sorry, I wasn’t implying that it was a ST issue :smile: I do see the messages getting sent by ST on time, the app Just seems to fail to notify me on time. I too think it has to do with the update of the PB app/system.
It’s a little disappointing because it was perfect and very reliable before, hopefully it’s just growing pains.