Anyone using Pilot Guardcam Camera with smarttiles?

(Rajan Kannan) #1


I would like to know if anyone in this community using the Pilot Guardcam (CL-4000) camera with Smarttiles. I’m trying to make it work with the Smarttiles.

Link to the camera:

If anyone has been successfully using this camera with Smarttiles, pls give me some tips/suggestions on how to make this to work with smarttiles.

Thanks in advance,

(Robin) #2



Change the IP address to that of your camera and also username / password if you changed them during install (reccomended).

This was generated from here:

Note that SmartTiles will soon cease to be (replaced by ActionTiles), however if you get a camera URL working in one, it should work in the other.

(Robin) #3


rtsp not currently supported by ActionTiles, not sure about SmartTiles.

(Rajan Kannan) #4

Thanks Robin for your reply.