Anyone using instacube?

(Alexis Gingras) #1

When I search about it I only find old post and video that the two companies are working together to integrate their products. Nothing since. I think it would be nice to use as some kind of wall mounted interface. Is this doable?

(DLee) #2

Instacube appears to be a somewhat ugly $150 photo frame that displays photos posted on Facebook? It’s Android based, good. What is the value to ST home automation?

(Alexis Gingras) #3

I agree that I’m not a fan of the design. But I’m looking for something that you can hangup to a wall and use as a control interface. You know so you don’t have to reach for your phone or tablet.

(Geko) #4

You can get a decent 7" Android tablet for less than $50 these days.

(Edward Pope) #5

Agreed with you here. Check online, Greek I am using my old Android phone myself

(Ben Edwards) #6

Many of the SmartThings team backed the Instacube project on Kickstarter (and none of us have received units yet) and we had big plans to provide an interface to SmartThings on the device. Given the difficulties their team has had in getting this product to market it has really taken a back seat and we are now unlikely to devote much time to the effort.

(Chrisb) #7

I was sorely tempted to get in on that, but I didn’t. In hindsight, that was a good move. I also decided not to back the Ubi, which in hindsight I wish I HAD done… so I guess you win some, you lose some. I got my Ubi off eBay and paid more than I would have if I’d backed it.

Kickstarter can be a fun and challenging processes. So far I’ve been lucky in that I’ve never backed a project where I didn’t eventually get my reward. I believe that everyone has been late to some degree. You just gotta kinda expect that with projects like this I guess. Most I’ve been pretty happy with over all, or at the very least not severally disappointed it.

I’m a little disappointed with my Lifx on the software side, but I actually just sold two of my four bulbs on eBay and nearly made enough to cover my initial investment, so I’m happy with the whole process now.

PlantLink is another one that I’m lukewarm about. Decent enough product, but the company appears to be failing and they never ended up producing the valve which I REALLY wanted.

Perhaps my biggest fail, to date, has been Lima. A project that’s now looking at 10 months past due and, frankly, appears to be under performing. Other options might make this pretty much over priced and/or obsolete by the time it finally gets into backers hands.

Biggest win has been SmartThings by a landslide. (This is a real person, not a paid actor! :slight_smile: ) That’s not to say that ST was always a smooth process… they were late too and the initial Android offering suffered greatly. But they have made substantial improvements over the months, and by far this has been the Kickstarter project that has most effected my life (positively of course!) on a day to day basis.

(Florian Z) #8

That’s what I am doing: Home Automation Dashboard (HAD)