Anyone using bixby routines?

I searched and don’t see this mentioned… I bought an s10 phone (*) last month which has bixby routines. As part of a routine you can run a Smartthings scene. Whilst it had standard triggers like location, time etc it can also fire on more fuzzy events like ‘When I get up’ and ‘Before bed’ (Which the phone learns from your behaviour). Not sure how all this fits in with ST’s own automations, whether there’s a plan for more integration or not

(*) Yeah, since getting a hub, I’ve acquired a used Galaxy watch, this new (used) phone and a newer Samsung TV. If the idea of the hub is a gateway drug to more samsung products, they appear to have entrapped me :smiley:

I believe @mvevitsis has tinkered with some while using his Galaxay Home Minis.


Routines doesn’t quite integrate yet

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After the first washing machine and robot vacuum you will see…

Otherwise Samsung produces decent appliances. Most of them last for ages. (B series TVs are indestructible with million hours of use.)
Samsung puts a sticker on most appliances with a motor, that it has 10 years of warranty for the motor/compressor as part of their Digital Inverter technology.
The downside, Samsung is terrible with softwares and keeping services working and compatible. They tend to announce things with new products which might work in a single country for a short period of time, then they do remove the feature and service all together.

Yeah, i don’t think I trust them enough to buy those sort of appliances. The TV was a bit of an exception. But I feel, at any minute, Samsung will pull support for things with no explanation or possible recourse…

If you buy them as normal appliances, they work well. I have my second TV from Samsung. The first, B series is at my parents house now, still working without any issues. The current one is about 4-5 years old. The software support terrible, but I am not using it anymore since I bought an AndroidTV box. That does all the smart stuff. Otherwise the old models has decent documentation from reverse engineering so I might would end up in the future adding it to SmartThings. :wink:

Yes, I have no doubt the hardware is long lasting

My new TV replaced a 2014 (pre-Tizen) Samung TV. It would be nice to be able to get some basic control in Smartthings (beyond attaching a smart plug to control power)

What model did you get actually? There are some integration for some “newer” models already from 2016 or 2017. You can find it in the new app under the TV category.

Otherwise there used to be a service manager app for older models. What you might still can find in the Classic App. But it is missing the child for it, what can be found here.

A bit obsolete, but might be still working. The engineers at the TV department worked hard to broke the integration with SmartThings. Hahaha…

Hmm… I added the smart app and device handler from that repo but the smart app doesn’t show for me in the old ST app. Does it enable me to discover the TV as a thing ? That can’t find it either :frowning:

TV is a UE40H6400AK - is that too old ?

I have the same model, but without the AK at the end, I believe, and I have no idea what extra it might does for it. I think I have the bigger one, 55 maybe.
The service app should be listed if you publish it, under My Apps by the name Samsung TV Connect, but I have managed only just once something out of it, so I gave up. (Indeed I wasn’t at home and I was just playing around remotely with it meanwhile my wife turned on the TV at the evening.)
Samsung introduced a secure encrypted connection between the TV and any network connected “remote” with one of the firmware updates of the TV. And it requires a PIN confirmation from the remote. That makes complicated the whole thing.
But there are a few other options, what I was already looking at partially.

The most promising is this:



The real issue is the AES encryption and the confirmation PIN. Might can make it work with a RPi as a middle man.

I want to clarify my response. The galaxy home mini allows you to set custom triggers and responses, but these are voice activated and completely separate from the bixby routines app.

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Sorry, this went off topic :slight_smile: I eventually got the smart app to recognise the old TV @GSzabados but none of the controls work :frowning: It was an interesting exercise but I don’t think I’ll pursue it further. Thanks for the links though

@mvevitsis that’s the first I’ve ever heard of the galaxy home mini !

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A good article on Bixby routines how to utilize them.

The builder and the interface looks quite familiar…

I’ve got a used/new Samsung S10 arriving in the mail any day now.
I almost got a pixel but then I learned I could re-map the bixby key on my current s8 phone to google assistant.
If bixby allows more features with SmartThings than Google I’d be interested. I say it’s hard to switch voice assistants because I’ve outfitted my home with Google speakers but the cost of one Samsung Galaxy phone is enough for a whole lotta Google Minis and Google Hubs.

I made a similar step (Pixel 2XL -> S10) and I have quite a few Google Minis. I’ve not switched to Bixby for voice control, I was just intrigued by Bixby Routines on the phone (and specifically the ability to trigger a ST scene)

The Devices screen on the S10 pulldown is quite neat though, you may like that.