Anyone use a single qubino to drive multiple roller shades?

I have several windows of the same height in my living room. Each had its own roller shades with a 24v dooya dm25s motor. Is it possible to use a single qubino controller to drive them all? This way I won’t need to buy so many qubinos.

Possibly. You could always buy one, split the controller wires amongst all the motors, and try it out. That said, if any of the motors sends back a signal to the controller telling it to stop at a certain point, your roller shades may not necessarily be at the same height when they stop.

First things first, check if the device is rated to handle several motors at once. The current through these can easily fry the device, if too high loads are connected to it.

Next issue you’d have would be position detection. The Qubino shutters (and other shutter control devices without motor feedback) rely on power consumption values to detect when the blinds stop or are moving. This is why you need to calibrate them after installation,

If you’ll wire more than one motor to the device then you will completely fubar the positioning. In theory, once the load values are ensured to be safe, you could use them to control them to just fully up or fully down since the device will stop outputting control to modules once the motor limit switches are hit.

In short, it’s theoretically possible (if all the other conditions are fitting), but in practice you’r going to have a bad time.