Anyone tried this WF325 Zigbee E27 adapter?

I saw this several times on Alibaba and eBay, typically called the WF325

Anyone managed to get it working with SmartThings?

It’s not compatible.

Zigbee is a messaging protocol and it is very popular in China. But the standard allows for different “profiles” and these are not all interoperable. They don’t even have the same addressing schemes.

SmartThings uses the “zigbee home automation profile” (ZHA 1.2)

Devices which are certified for ZHA 1.2 Will probably be able to work with SmartThings.

Devices using others zigbee profiles, including manufacturer proprietary profiles, probably won’t.

If you write to a manufacturer listed on Alibaba, ask them for a copy of their certification. I find that due to language issues, they often sincerely think that if their device uses zigbee and its purpose is home automation then it is certified for “zigbee home automation.” But it’s not the same thing.

If you’re looking at logos, you need to see both the Z for zigbee logo and the house for the zigbee home automation profile logo.