Anyone seen Wally?

(Rubin Dhillon) #1

Meet Wally - a moisture sensor for $299. I guess the feature that makes this worth $299 (instead of the $50 moisture sensors you can already get on the market) is the fact that you don’t need to change the battery for 10 years?

(Ajf) #2

Actually I think the wireless technology they’re using is more interesting than the actual product:

“The wild thing is that the company says no batteries are needed, with the system set to work continuously for 10 years. It does this by bypassing traditional Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections, instead using the copper wiring in the walls of a home as an antenna. (More on the technology behind the system here).”

(Ajf) #3

Also, in all fairness in regards to the price, you get 6 sensors, and they sense more than just a water leak:

(Rubin Dhillon) #4

True - I didn’t catch the fact that you get 6 sensors.

(Col Hack) #5

SNUPI slides are here:

Note that it’s a sensor network, i.e. nodes can only transmit data.

(malamoney) #6

Is there any integration with SmartThings yet?

(Devesh Batra) #7

Wally does have an API… not sure if it can be used to integrate into Smarthings
this is the only thing holding me back from buying it as i dont want yet another APP / Interface to monitor

(Alex Christensen) #8

I’ve seen this before, what interests me is the moisture sensors also sensing humidity. I wish the SmartSense one did. I can see many cases where the local humidity rises long before the puddle reaches the contacts on a moisture sensor.