Anyone Seen this Sprinkler System before? RainBee16

Did a google and community search and came up with nada so anyone seen this before?

Sure, that’s a SmartenIT product. They’re a high-quality manufacturer, they have a number of items on the official compatibility list, although not that particular one. They do make several sprinkler systems including the rainbee, which is using the zigbee home automation profile (the same zigbee profile that SmartThings uses) . They have very good customer service, if you write them they can probably answer any questions you have that aren’t SmartThings – specific.

I don’t know if anyone’s written a device handler for this yet, though.

@JDRoberts @jas155 I saw that a while ago, but I didn’t want to tackle writing a device handler for it. I ended up getting a BlueSpray Wifi device until something better came along, and I believe it did with this (made just for SmartThings!):