Anyone having problems with the new app? (December 22, 2019)

The new app has stopped working for me this evening on all my mobile devices…ugh

false alarm, all are working once again. weird! You got to love cloud-based services :wink:

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Beginning at 4:30pm CST my hub has been going offline of and on. Not sure if it’s something on my end or not.

Lots of issues here surely related to the cloud. Ugh. Local please!! Mode did not change and many automations failed. Got to love the cloud!

Yep. My location mode didn’t change on schedule which threw a bunch of stuff off. All of my webcore automations are hit or miss right now too

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I use the Classic app and have been having problems since last night. None of my automations that use WebCore are working and control of devices from the app are not registering either. I basically have some bias lights behind the TV that are connected to a smart plug that I can’t turn off at all since they were on at the time these control issues started happening.

I’m surprised more people aren’t having issues with control of devices.

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