Anyone having CoRe Pistons failing?

@bamarayne reported he was having problems which tracked back to a known mode issue with the recent update. The mode would show as changed, but none of the actions which depended on the mode change would actually run.

Mine all work… different shard?! And I haven’t had any mode issues either…

My problem was am exact repeat that occurred a few months ago. Two mode changes were missed, then all back to normal, then and now.

Things are running rather slow… But other than that, nothing major.

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Monday my welcome home only completed half its actions.
Tuesday and Wednesday my pill reminder failed. It says it’s been false since Monday. That’s what I find strange.

My phone isn’t letting me post pics of my piston though.

I think @ady624 is SPECIFICALLY referring to LOST STATE, which will show up as a corrupt piston, either being paused, or if not, may have conditions etc. missing.


How would I know if that is my problem?

Some corrupt state pistons have manifested themselves by reverting to a paused state.
Others I have found because desired actions are not happening, and upon looking at the piston setup, both in the guts where you set it up, as well as in the dashboard, most, if not all, conditions are gone.

Refer to [RELEASE CANDIDATE] CoRE (Community's own Rule Engine) , especially the last several posts. This is specific to the new RELEASE CANDIDATE version.

I had the same mode issues as @bamarayne… And just now I had a core piston miss cancelling an action on state change. When I looked closer it seemed to see the state change but not cancel the action. This doesn’t happen every time, maybe once every third time while I looked at it, but now it’s running fine again…

Oh I see. Neither of those is the case. Everything looks like it should but is showing False when it should be true. I’ll give it another day or two

I had that once as well, seemed that ST didn’t send the state change or CoRE missed it…

So it looks like Core isn’t liking any piston that has a state change for my Presence. Three Pistons that use Changes to Present aren’t working.

My Routines that use Presence are working though. So when I get home my doors unlock, and other conditions that only operate when I am home run fine.

But the ones written in Core just fail to do anything.

I guess the next step is creating a new piston using state change and seeing if it will run. Maybe the others are corrupt? If the new one doesn’t work though then I will be stymied.

I have had similar experiences as @Cael. After what was apparently a melt-down at my end a few days ago after upgrading to the latest version, the only failures I currently have are for those pistons using any form of state change. The problem is is is not 100% failure, so I have refrained from mentioning it.

I can verify that the event took place by viewing it in my Activity feed, but nada from the Piston… Timing???


I’ve just checked my SmartApps Job History and I’ve found some Routines (like Goodbye!) and other SmartApps (like CoRE, Rule Machine, Smart Tiles, etc…) that have exceeded the execution time threshold (> 20 seconds) in the last couple of days and for sure failed to complete. Could not find a specific time of day and for me it’s happening in les then 2% of all SmartApp executions, but it’s never the same SmartApp, so it must be something with the ST platform :wink:

Are you guys saying there is a problem with “cancel on piston state change”? What version please?

I don’t think that’s my problem. I’m not using Cancel on piston state change.

For me it’s just any piston that depends on Presence Changes to Present. Nothing with that condition has fired all week. But Routines watching for my Presence change have all worked fine. So it’s not the Presence detection.

Not somewhere that I can check my version number right now, but maybe tomorrow I will update to the latest and see what happens.

I use that for when we come home - all works good, except for my phone which became slow to report presence after upgrading to iOS 10

I’ve had several failures with the garage door opening, back door unlocking, and I’m not getting text messages for the events.

The first one is a basic piston: If either of my or my wife’s phone presence changes to present, open garage door, send push and SMS notifications to both phones, unlock the back door, and send push/text notifications.

Second one is also a basic piston: If the time is between xx:xx and xx:xx, and my phone changes to present, then turn on a light in the house, set the level, and set the color, unlock the back door, open the garage door.

Third is a basic piston: If the garage door changes to opening, and any of my or my wife’s phone is not present, send a push and SMS message to both of our phones.

Both of us use iPhone 6’s, and all of the pistons were working prior to the ST update. I’m not sure of any other failures. I’ll have to do a system shakedown on Monday.


So I checked my version and apparently am way behind. “v0.2.145.20160822”

But the latest version says Don’t upgrade to this unless requested to. So I will leave the version alone and just try recreating a new version of the piston to see what happens.

The last version is trying a few new things like user code support for locks and the new “cancel on condition state change” they are not fully tested but seem to work okay. So if you want to update, you can go ahead and do so, you can always manually revert to any previous version…

Terrific, thanks! I have pistons failing all over the place, so I am really hoping this fixes it. I updated this morning, so I’ll see when I get home today. :slight_smile: