Anyone got a device handler for Lidl power socket

I bought 5 lidl smart sockets for xmas decorations. they work in alexa but do drop off occasionally so want to try them in Smartthings but can only find repositries for the rgb lights and door sensors?

Did you search the forum before posting? The people in the following thread are using Lidl Devices and should be able to answer your question:

Lidl Smart Home with SmartThings

Yes Robert I found lots of information all the other lidl devices just not the power sockets (single NOT 3 gang)

I have added the other handlers in anticipation of the door and motion sensors coming to our local store.

I’d have thought they were more likely to just work with the stock Zigbee Switch handler than to require any custom code.


To use the Lidl smart socket you have to discover it in smartthings. Then go to your IDE and change device type to ZigBee Switch as Graham have said.

That works for me.


If you mean the cube-like sockets, then the Uk version connects in the normal way to the hub (except 10 times faster than ANYTHING I have ever connected). I think it automatically comes up as OUTLET.
I haven’t needed any device handler, though maybe it as an Alexa issue- I use Google Home and it links seemlessly.


Hi all
I’ve just been to Lidl and got the LED bulbs (candle) , LED strip light 2m, power outlet , and the power 3 way socket, and the ‘cube’ single socket straight on as said above , all others without device handlers you will have a white LED strip/bulb with control of whites ,brightness and on/off , with the 3 way sockets you will have control of one socket, for the price you could just stop there, with the DH all works ok, colours no so bright on the candle SES ones , didn’t get the others, LED strip light great but the DH has put on a energy monitor which doesn’t do anything, but overall happy, thanks to the people that make DH , thank you.

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Just added it to my hub, and it just works, i checked in IDE and it was picked up as a zigbee switch. So all good. Thanks