Anyone else having issues today 5/6/16?

Trying to setup a cabin we have and I seem to keep having issues with stuff not working…working then quitting, Now, I notice that the IDE says I have no things, no apps, nothing… so I signed into my account for my main home, and yep, nothing there… so is it just me?

All good on my end, and for the last few days too.

The Sharptools thing was an issue for one afternoon a couple days ago, but everything else was fine… And since then all is well.

3 devices failed to trigger as scheduled today – all ST power switches.

Interestingly, even after physically rebooting the ST Hub, and physically rebooting each switch (unplugging it, waiting 30 seconds, replugging it in), and doing the “update smartthings apps” through the IDE — none of them will take commands.

The ST diagnostics say they are hooked into the network as they are reporting power usage for example – but you can’t command them to turn on or off, either with the smartapps, or manually using the mobile app (IOS).

Very frustrating…

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