Anyone else having a problem today?

My modes didn’t switch last night, nor this morning. Am I alone?

Did you update your routines following Monday’s update, or did the modes change after update?

I am on V1, so I didn’t get an update :frowning:

Ah…Still waiting for that migration tool…Got it. Sorry for your problems. My modes changed ok. I would run the update anyway…

How do I run the update? Perhaps I missed something?

There is a theory that opening up your routine and clicking done will somehow refresh it and kick it into gear.

Same thing with apps, pistons, etc.

While I don’t doubt many have had success doing so, this is an example of voodoo. When do you do this? How often do you do this? Shall I do this each week? Each Day? Each Hour? Maybe on a never ending continuous cycle. Start at piston one, work through each app, then routines and immediately start over to keep things going. Good thing my house is automated so I have time to keep refreshing my routines and apps - AMIRIGHT?

But don’t ever say anything negative about ST. Just keep the voodoo rituals in full swing and keep reporting great success. :slight_smile:

We should build a Android emulator that automates the clicks and refreshes things for us!

There is a link in ide (under Location/ Smart apps) that if you click, does the same thing as @JH1 said by clicking done.

Thanks guys. In my case, I use @slagle’s smartapp Home Phrase Director (or whatever it’s called) to change my modes. I went into the app and re-initialized it. Let’s see how the day goes…

For once I’m not affected by mode issues… Yay!!!

The update only prevented me from controlling my devices via the app until 11pm last night


Mode and smoke detector went crazy for me this morning.

@Navat604 - can you provide a bit more context on went crazy? Can you shoot a note over to support with the details?

One of my Power Allowance Timers did not turn off after the time limit last night so a light was left on for about 6 hours. The worst part is my wife thought someone was in the house because the light is triggered by a motion sensor. These random failures are not helping the WAF.:persevere:

I did, just waiting for the ticket # or you can look into it if you have a chance.

Really, I have to do this?

Once upon a time there was a fairly widespread problem where schedules would get messed up and the “next time” would be in the past. You could see this in the IDE, so it was very clear which routines and smart apps had a problem.

The fix for this turned out to be to open a flaky routine/smart app and save it again, which would create a new entry for “next time” which would be in the future. So that would fix the symptom, but not the underlying problem.

Because not everyone uses the IDE, support started recommending to people whose routines had suddenly stopped working that they try opening it and saving it again. Which did, again, fix the symptom for some people.

Ever since then, it has become “received knowledge” within both support and the community that if code is failing, you should open it and save it again.

It can’t hurt, but it’s only going to help in those cases where somehow data has been corrupted which will be fixed by a new save.

But there are other people who only do this if they can actually see a corrupted field (like the next run date being in the past) And they report that even if they do nothing to a broken routine/smartapp sometimes things just start magically working again on their own a few days later.

We should note here that a next run date being blank doesn’t necessarily indicate a problem: code which is scheduled to run locally on the hub doesn’t fill in this field. But the next run date that is in the past is a problem.

At one point they were going to add a platform utility that would go through and fix all of the frozen run date fields automatically, but I honestly don’t know whatever happened with that. I know support continues to tell people to individually refresh failing routines.

The only reason I pay any attention to all of this stuff is because it is physically very difficult for me to go back through all the code, I usually end up having to pay someone else to do it. There are other people who barely even remember that they had to open code and save it back again. :sunglasses:

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I noticed that my modes hadn’t changed today too.

In addition to that, I’m noticing weird activity on my bedroom lamp today too, notifications are showing that the lamp is cycling through colours etc and I’m unsure why! It is not involved in any rules or routines!

My Linear Garage door stopped working about 80% of the time. I had to delete it from all of my smartapps and re-enroll it. Seems to be working ok now. Also my siren alarm went off for half a second due to motion inside the house even though it is set to ARM/STAY at night. Not sure what happened there either.