Anyone done anything with Green Button Data

if you have a Smart Meter, you could use this to monitor energy usage. not sure how real time it is, but my service provider updates about 36 hours behind. would be cool to send to Grovestreams.

They have about zero documentation on how it actually works… sooooo thats good lol.

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probably why my feeble mind couldnt figure it out.

I download the data from my provider and it has the uuid, subscription id, and ussage id but i couldnt make anything work in their sandbox.

that makes two of us :wink:

It’s a data standard, not a device. The goal is to have many different utility companies provide the same format files. Sort of like what Quicken did with bank account data.

The file itself could be transmitted in many different ways, but usually from a utility company login and then a file download.

So they don’t have a "here’s how it works "section because that’s not what they’re defining. Their standard defines what data it will be included, and what the data will look like. But not how you get it.

Green Button initiative is not limited to utilities that have deployed smart meters, but also includes utilities that are able to provide monthly billing data.

What is the Green Button data standard?
Green Button is based on the Energy Services Provider Interface (ESPI) data standard released by the North American Energy Standards Board (NAESB) in the fall of 2011, and its underlying energy usage information model seed standard, the NAESB “PAP10” REQ 18/WEQ19 standard. The data standards development process was facilitated by the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel (SGIP), a public private partnership that is facilitated by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Is a SmartMeter Required for Green Button Data?
An Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) meter is not required for Green Button data, but is the most common meter used for Green Button Connect My Data deployments. Keep in mind that Green Button data does not normally come directly from the meter itself. Green Button data normally comes from your utility’s Meter Data Management (MDM) system or a utility maintained data warehouse. Some utilities are supporting Green Button data on a monthly cycle using old style meters. Larger facilities are supporting Green Button data from energy management platforms within the building.

So once you know that you’re looking at a data standard, not a device, they’ve actually given quite a lot of detail. But you need to contact your own utility company in order to find out exactly how you can access this data, assuming they provide it.

A good question for grovestreams would be whether they are going to have a web service to web service interface for green button files.

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Ahhhhhh now it makes sense… guess this is a start

I fell dumb now…lol

I can download the spreadsheet, but dont want to have to do that all the time, when im sure theres a better way to do it.

I dont want to buy one of those things that attached to the meter to feed the data unless I have to.

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Yeah, having grovestreams automate the data grab would make a lot more sense, ask them if they have plans.

The good thing about a data standard is that it becomes in the best interest of any other service providers to find a way to handle that standard, because they will have a lot of customers with the same need.

edited to add check the apps page on the following government site for apps that have already been created to process green button data. Then if you find one you like, talk to them about better ways to get the data. Looks like there are a couple of hundred already and more coming all the time.

Green Button has a RESTful API you can use! The cool utility companies are the ones that provide 5 or 15 interval minute data, I wish mine was on the list :frowning: :

I cannot wait for the community to build custom SmartApps around this data (e.g., comparing thermostat setpoint change and energy interval events to track savings).

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My provider isn’t on that list but I still get hourly data.

I know this is over 5 years old now… but is anyone using Green button data?