Anyone able to get into the app tonight

I am having no luck with getting the app to work reliably tonight and now it seems to be completely down.

No problem running tv mode

Has a ticket been submitted to ST just in case others are having issue but aren’t posting in the community?

You must have been rinsing the cloud, apps never run faster than it is right now!

I had a tough time couple of hrs back… Connection errors and stuff… It’s better now.

I’m currently not able to get my app to do anything other than telling me that I need to check my connection. Hmm.

@ero4444 what is tv mode?

my “tv mode” turns on the TV backlight 10% and turns off some other lights in the room. I ran it when I read your message and it executed with no delay.

The app or my Action dashboard wasn’t running for about an hour last night. Very annoying. It seems to be fine now though.