Anybody want my UK SmartThings outlet?

(Chris Cardé) #1

As a resident of continental Europe with a UK SmartThings starter kit, I find myself with a useless SmartThings Outlet Module. Yes, I could put an adapter on either side of it – but instead of a MacGyver-like contraption I’ve just settled on WeMo switches.

I’m making a quick business trip to the UK next week and would be happy to give the outlet module away to someone who can use it – as long as you’re willing to meet me at my office near Kings Cross on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday (Nov 7-9).

(Wayne) #2

Hi Chris,

I work just down the road in Islington, I’ll take it if you don’t mind? :joy:

(Robin) #3

Obviously @a4refillpad got in there first but if he can’t make it or changes his mind I would like to put my name down for second in line :slight_smile:

I’m working in Kings Cross on Wednesday and Friday and would love another outlet.

Keeping my fingers crossed and if I don’t hear from you, I hope you have a great trip! :airplane:

( #4

:joy: I thought I had a problem visiting this forum

(Aaron S) #5

Make him buy you a pint (or Nando’s) in return!

(Chris Cardé) #6

Wayne’s made arrangements to pick up the outlet, so I think we can officially declare him the winner! :slight_smile:

(Robin) #7

Doh… Never mind…

Can’t blame a guy for trying :slight_smile:

(Chris Cardé) #8

Same story, different year. I picked up another UK starter kit for a property here in Germany, and can’t use the UK smart plug. Anybody want it? If you want to offer me an unneeded door/window sensor or multi/motion sensor in return, I’ll take it. But I’d also love to just get rid of this hardware.

I’m Munich-based and won’t be in the UK anytime soon, but am happy to ship there to make a trade.

(Kevin [Yorkshire UK]) #9

I can offer a windows sensor if you’re interested ? - or (maybe) a motion sensor - will check.