Anybody using ecobee thermostat?

I have developed a smart app for that if you’re interested… It makes sure that people are absent and if there are any movement
at home before making the changes.

Also, I have an app that monitors and changes the humidity level at home every hour according to the outside’s humidity level (you’d need
a humidity sensor outside of your home).

This works only if your ecobee thermostat is connected to a humidifer and a deshumidier, so that it can make the changes accordingly (mine is connected to these 2 devices).
This one could be useful, especially in the summer or the winter.
It can also use the A/C in cooling mode if the humidity level is too high outside.


Oh, I would very much like that, thank you. I do have a humidifier and I’m in the process of having a HRV installed so both apps would come in very handy.

@sgonsalves, I sent you the code of the 2 smartapps by pm. Please use the latest version I sent you. I made some
changes for your EMS thermostat in them.

As an alternative to ecobee.iterateSetHold(…), you may want to use ecobee.setHold(‘your serial number’, coolTemp, heatTemp,…)
if the managementSet argument does not work for your particular EMS situation.

Let me know the results.

I’m wondering if Ecobee is the right thermostat for me, but even after reading about the devices on the ecobee site and the ST forums, I’m still not sure. Hopefully one of you can help.

I have an in-wall humidifier that is controlled by a 24VAC wall-mounted relative humidity dial. Instead of using the dial to control the humidifier, I currently use an ST-integrated wemo switch to control it. I’d like to replace the unused dial with a smartthings-integrated thermostat that could control the humidifier as well as two window-mount air conditioners I also currently control via ST-integrated wemo switches.

I have NO control over heating (old-timey NYC radiators)

In order for this system to work, I’d need the thermostat (and the ST iPhone ap interface) to control two zones that correspond to the location of my two ACs (living room and bedroom). Is this something I could do? Is there a different thermostat that better suits my needs? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Can anyone help me with my post above? Thanks!

I think you would be better served to ask Ecobee direction. ( The SmartThings App has limited functionality at this point, though I don’t know what the future might hold.

Ardenite, here’s my 2 cents…

I can’t comment on the native ST labs Ecobee device abilities (because, for whatever reason it doesn’t work with my EMS Ecobee), but the device that yracine wrote exposes pretty much all Ecobee thermostat control functionality and works flawlessly for me.

Having said that, I’m not so sure your use case can be handled by one thermostat alone.

Ecobee has models with built in humidity sensors and output control, so that part is straightforward. But are you looking to independently control each window mount AC unit? If so then I believe you’d be looking at two thermostats to control each zone. Certain Ecobee models support remote temp sensors, but I don’t believe that will help in your case if you’re looking to control each AC unit independently with one thermostat.

BTW… sorry for the delay. I just use the Ecobee Smart Thermostat, not an EMS. But I would imagine if the website functionality supports it, it shouldn’t matter. SmartThings is simply making API calls…

A little off topic, but does ecobee 3 work with IFTTT like nest? I currently have it trigger my window unit (wemo switch) if temperature rises above a certain point, and turns off when it drops to a certain temp.