Anybody familiar with Wer@Home / Get Safe?

I got a security set under the branding Wer@Home. It looks like it is sold in the US under the brand Get Safe. It came with a hub, camera, door sensor, and key FOB.

Does anyone know if it’s able to be used with Smartthings?

Their Essence devices use

ECOP (Essence devices). • Maximum RF … Proprietary bi-directional radio protocol. •

Those will not be able to be used with SmartThings nor can SmartThings brand devices be used with their hub.

They do have a “Z wave extender” which allows zwave devices to be connected to their hub. But it’s unlikely that this will be able to be well integrated with SmartThings in any meaningful way. Since both are multiprotocol platforms, they just don’t work well as a secondary controller.

So there are some devices which could be connected to either wer@home or SmartThings, specifically some certified Z wave devices, but you can’t use the two systems together.


Dang, thanks JD

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