Anybody else having problems tonight? (November 26, 2016)

I don’t have many things hooked up yet and tonight several of them are having problems. A motion sensor is stuck on “motion”, a GE bulb won’t turn on, and one door sensor is stuck on “open” (I can’t test the other). I’ve already unplugged my hub and started it back up. The only thing working are the outlet switches. I can verify that three of them are working.

For me, several things not right. Lights not coming on when they should and Door sensors not triggering as they should.

Oh well, the life of ST as we have come to know it


I’m sure that’s very frustrating. :disappointed_relieved: Definitely report it to support.

By the way, are all of the ones that are not working zigbee devices and the outlets perhaps zwave devices?

All is well here (East Coast). Routines and device control working as expected. In fact, just returned from vacation and things ran all week perfectly while we were gone.

I’ll definitely hit up support and see if they have any suggestions. Unfortunately the working and not working devices are Zigbee.

Then it’s probably schedules, there have been various reported problems with them for a few days.

Not necessarily based on what @MrTCS described in the first post. Sounds like device control issues, which would lead me to think interference or range problems with those Zigbee devices.

Could be. If everything had been working well, and then several devices went out at once, it could be a bad repeater somewhere.

I had a Simulated Presence Sensor completely disappear this afternoon, like it never existed. I had it integrated into several CoRE pistons, a couple routines, and some SHM notification rules. Recreated it tonight, but it was weird.

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Since it’s zigbee, it would also be good to check into the following:

I checked this morning and do see the Pistons did run in the logs, not sure why the lights didn’t come on though

Also, my Hub FW version is 15.8 and my Zigbee version is 2.1.10, any way to force upgrade them?


I checked this morning and I have the 2.1.10 with the 15.00008 hub firmware.

I think it could have been the GE bulb causing problems…maybe? The devices I was having problems with showed that they hadn’t made a connection in 10+ hours. I removed the battery this morning from the motion sensor and it started working, though the responses were really slow and buggy, I reset the GE bulb, and it came on and showed up as On in the app but I couldn’t turn it off. Strangely though the multi sensors started working and were showing the correct open/close status. I completely removed the GE bulb from my system, added it back and everything seems to be working again.

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Sounds like @johnconstantelo was right, and it was a local network problem, with the flaky bulb acting as a repeater and losing the messages from some of the other devices.